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The automotive dealership industry has rapidly changed, leaving dealerships with the need for solutions that allow them to get back to work and boost their sales with preloadable products that are easy to use and beneficial to their customers. These programs are digital, compliant and easy which allows your dealership to quickly benefit from preloadable programs such as ExoClean's agnostic antimicrobial.

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Designed for preloading at a low cost of $26 for dealers, TruIdentity from TruWarranty includes fully-managed identity restoration and internet identity monitoring for your customer and their family.

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Etch for Connecticut dealers couldn't be easier. With CTEtch you get a new and improved standard of anti-theft protection: everything is digital, simple to install, and preloaded at only $29. The time has come for dealers to self-service their etch program. It couldn’t be easier.

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For $26 dealers can provide additional value to customers by sanitizing every new and used vehicle for their customer's protection. You get to decide what chemistry to use and ExoGloss will facilitate the delivery and provide the F&I program. It couldn't be more turn-key.

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With ExoGloss you receive the best interior and exterior appearance F&I program possible, with the chemistry of your choice such as Ultimar or Armor All. The best part is that ExoGloss is plug and play and compatible with all menus.

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One Bundle to Rule Them All

ExoBundle features six products bundled together to make life easy. With this bundle your customers get all around coverage including Key Replacement, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), Windshield Protection, Cosmetic Alloy Wheel Protection, Interior/Exterior Appearance Protection and 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

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ExoBundle Information

Click the image above to download the one sheeter PDF for ExoBundle.

Appearance Protection Information

Click the image above to download a PDF with a breakdown on what areas are covered by ExoGloss, the best interior and exterior appearance F&I program possible.

ExoGloss Information

Click the image above to download the ExoGloss brochure in a PDF format and see what makes ExoGloss different from the other programs out there.

Global F&I—The Best Antimicrobial Solution


Your antimicrobial chemistry of choice creates a submicroscopic molecular coating that eliminates the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds on both hard and soft surfaces. This durable barrier continues to provide antimicrobial protection, even on high-touch areas.

Value and Peace of mind

Your antimicrobial chemistry of choice utilizes a non-toxic, water-based, biodegradable formula that is completely safe for humans, pets, and the environment.

All Around Application

Your antimicrobial chemistry of choice is applied to the interior cabin, A/C ventilation system, and the cargo/trunk area, sanitizing and eliminating 99.9% of germs and harmful odors. The odor-controlling chemistry works immediately after contact and will keep working until the odor-causing bacteria is gone.

Non-Toxic and envrionmentally safe

Dealers can use these solutions to provide additional value to customers by offering Virtual Vaccines for used vehicles and sanitizing customers’ vehicles for their protection.

We can support your dealership quickly and affordably


Step One

Customer Information

This process is quick and easy and takes place within your dealership's already secure website as these programs are compatible with any menu. All mandatory compliance responsibilities are followed and only relevant information is retained via a secure database. Everything is legal and compliant.

There are way too many moving parts with compliance today and safeguarding consumers personal and private information. The government continues to add new regulations daily. We can help guide you through this maze of confusion. Our software will help make this process much easier. Now even more rules will come into play with remote deliveries. Make sure you know your state’s guidelines.

Step TWO

Work the Deal

There is a sea of madness saying to "try me". Insurance companies, software companies,  vendors, big-box companies promising you greatness. The good news with Global F&I is you can pick whatever program you would like to use and we Integrate with everybody. If you are missing a key piece of software, we have partnerships with many dynamic companies that will be able to help.

Any of our programs are compatible and can integrate with your dealership's current CRM database, menu, DMS, Finance Portals Dealertrack, RouteOne, CUDL and existing F&I products.

We're agnostic and play nice with everybody.

Step Three

Finish the Transaction

Everybody is going remote and online. Be careful what the laws say in your state. Some states require a “Cooling Off Period”. Our solution will allow remote access with all of the proper legal and compliant guidelines being complete.

Every step of the process can be handled digitally and signed in the cloud through DocuSign. As mentioned before, we're compatible with any menu software and integrate seamlessly into your dealerships.

Step Four

Build Your New Digital "Why Buy Here"

Your dealership has the ability to private label their programs and warranties, with minimal sales volume. This is a simple way to build your brand loyalty and improve the retention of your customers.

Now is the time to re-brand your dealership to the current century. Pick a mantra and sell that with your marketing department. Add preload products to your current Why Buy Here. Now you can build your own presence with your own marketing with your own message.

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